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BikeLife Boulder 3 GIANT MOMENTUM STREET This classic style bike is fast rolling with upright positioning so youre always in control. Comes with smart integrated features like a built-in cup holder a chain guard to protect your clothes from dirt and grime and a rear rack to carry cargo. 425 STATE BICYCLE FOUR PEAKS Four Peaks Brewing State Bicycle Co. have pulled out all of the stops for this fun beer-inspired commuter. Mustache-bars coaster brake bell and an affixed bottle opener will keep you well equipped on your next pub ride. 579 LINUS LIBERTINE II With a traditional upright riding position the lovely Libertine II is a comfy and speedy commuter with eight speeds of shifting. Pick from teal or black. 899 NOVARA BARROW The 24-speed Euro-style Barrow features a nice storage basket in front that stays steady in the turns with a stretchy cover to keep everything secure. When youre zipping around town on this seafoam green beauty disc brakes make stopping a breeze. 749 RALEIGH CAMEO Designed just for gals the pretty purple Cameo has seven speeds of shifting and a nice upright position for riding. The step-through frame makes it easy to ride in a skirt too. 400 THOSE LITTLE EXTRAS Here are a few goodies to make your bike even more fun to ride. Green Guru Touring Townie Handlebar Bag Made from recycled banners in lots of fun colors and patterns this handy insulated bag mounts on your handlebar. Good for storing drinks snacks phone wallet and more. 34.95 Mirrycle Telebell Ring this beautiful little bell to let people know when youre approaching or passing. Its melodic sound will be music to their ears. 18 iOMounts NOMAD Keep your mobile device handy with the easy-to- attach NOMAD handlebar mount. Put your device in the special case the super-strong magnet keeps your device on tight through any bumps. 60