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BikeLife Tucson 17 HAVE YOU CONSIDERED BIKING TO YOUR HIKE RIDING TO THE TRAILHEAD CAN BE A GREAT WARM-UP FOR THE HIKE AHEAD. HERES A FUN LOCAL HIKE THAT YOU CAN GET TO BY BICYCLE. TumamocHill Totalround-tripmileagefromUAcampus Bikeride6miles Hike3miles From the University of Arizona campus follow University Bike Boulevard west to St. Marys Road via Main Avenue and Davis Street. After passing under I-10 you can either continue on St. Marys Road to Anklam Road or turn south onto Grande Avenue then onto Fresno Street to Silverbell Road for a low-stress option. Either way gets you to Anklam Road where you will pass Carondelet St. Marys Hospital. The entrance to the trailhead is on Tumamoc Hill Road to the left. At the base of the hill youll find bike racks that are a beautiful rusted metal with a lizard design in the loop appropriate since Tumamoc is an Oodham word for regal horned lizard. The path is fully paved and starts off gradually but becomes steeper after the first switchback. After about a half mile youll reach a plateau with several buildings. These are part of an active research facility operated by the University of Arizona. The facility hosts science lectures throughout the year that are open to the public. Continuing up the hill the hike becomes more difficult and steep through a series of switchbacks. From the top you can see all of Tucson and the surrounding moun- tain ranges. This spot is especially beautiful at sunset. The trail ends at the top of the hill so to finish just head back the way you came. Because Tumamoc is a research facility and a nature preserve there are special rules that you should adhere to when hiking Stay on the paved path dont bring pets and dont hike during weekday business hours 730 a.m. 530 p.m. Monday to Friday. See for more info about the facility. Have a fun Bike-to-Hike idea for our next issue Email with your suggestions. There are lots of great hikes you can bike to around Tucson. Check out things-to-dohiking to get ideas and create your own route Bike to Hike Exloring Tucson on two wheels... and two feet