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20 BikeLife Tucson20 BikeLife Tucson Locals share some of their favorite places for pedaling Great TucsonRides 2DrachmanFairmount fromCampbelltoAlamoWash My favorite ride is a low-stress way to get across town that isnt on any bike mapyet. This routeDrachman Street west of Country Club Road Fairmount Street to the eastis part of a planned bike boulevard that will extend from Oracle Road all the way to Wilmot Road. Its a great east-west route that is quick and easy to navigate because its perfectly straight and there is very little car traffic. Some highlights include the historic Blenman-Elm neighborhood which features a variety of unique and beautiful architectural styles dating back to the 1920s. The striking Martha Cooper library resides at the corner of Fairmount and Catalina while Pinecrest Park one block east of Swan Road is a great place to take a break. The route dead-ends at the Alamo Wash but you can go one block north to Lee Street to continue to Wilmot Road. Ryan Fagan MountainAvenue tofromUniversityofArizona Last summer I was looking for a new place to live. As a graduate student at the U of A who prefers to bike I confined my search to within a few-mile radius of campusor along Mountain Avenue. Mountain Avenue provides a direct and comfortable route for biking between the University and neighborhoods to the north. The bike lane is considerably wider than lanes on other Tucson roadways. There are also wide sidewalks that are often full of people making Mountain Avenue and the neighborhoods along it feel vibrant and busy. With stoplights or stop signs at all of the major intersections I never have to wait long to cross. I particularly love breezing past the lines of cars backed up on Mountain Avenue behind the four-way stop at Glenn Road during the evening rush. Knowing that my trip may actually be faster by bike than if I was in a car is icing on the cake. My search for a new place to live ended successfully when I found a nice rental near Mountain Avenue. Now I use this great bike route not only to commute to and from work but also to connect to the Loop visit friends and run errands. See you out there Nick Ballering DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE RIDE TO SHARE Email and your ride could be included in the next issue of BikeLife Tucson.