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BikeLife Tucson 29 ORGANIZEYOUROWN PARTYONTWOWHEELS Step 1 Choose a Theme Tour de los Tacos Pedal between Pizzerias Craft Beer Cruiseget creative with your theme. One of our goals has been to cover a lot of ground and visit numerous locations so try not to fill up at your first or second stop. We learned this lesson the hard way with a Rum Ride. Step 2 Invite Friends Since the ride is casual and fun with frequent stops invite people that may not consider themselves cyclists. If your friends dont have a functional bike Im sure you or someone you know has a loaner for them to use. Meet up at a central location like a park and along the way talk about your favorite estab- lishments to get a sense of where the day or evening might take you. Step 3 Plan Your Route Use the Tucson Bike Map to plan safe and scenic routes between destinations. While finishing up at one place unfold the map and get input from mem- bers of your group to decide the best way to get to the next destination. Step 4 Ride Eat Drink Laugh Repeat I ve always had a passion for tamales. The difference between a good and a truly great tamale has inspired me to explore just about every restaurant in southern Arizona that puts them on the menu. A few years back I was proclaiming my love for tamales while on a bike ride with a group of friends. As it turns out I was not alone in my obsession. The more we talked tamales the more I learned about local places Id never visited. By the end of the ride we hatched a plan Next time we would ride from restaurant to restaurant in search of Tucsons best tamale. By the end of our El Tour de Tamales we had tasted many amazing versions of the traditional Mesoamerican dishand pedaled over 40 miles More important than what we ate was how we got there. Pedaling between restaurants was ideal for digestion and we enjoyed more quiet neighbor- hood streets and shared-use paths versus major corridors. It was the start of a tradition that continues to this day. Although the theme changes every time the purpose re- mains the samean opportunity to pedal with friends while enjoying some delicious dishes and experiencing all that our town has to offer. El Tour deTamales This story was written by Matthew J. Nelson Executive Director of the Arizona Trail Association. His passion for tamales is surpassed only by his love of bicycling. Plan a fun themed ride around Tucson This photo is from a tweed-themed ride in 2015. Photo from a craft beer-themed ride