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30 BikeLife Tucson Great Benefitsthrough Sun Rideshare Rewards Program M ost people bike to work and home again without any problems. But some- times an unexpected issue disrupts bike commuters and other alternative mode users routines. Maybe your child is sick at school and needs to be picked up immediately. Or your boss asks you to stay late to finish a project but your carpool driver leaves at 5 p.m. Sun Rideshare and Sun Tran provide Guaranteed Ride Home GRH for just these types of situations. GRH is a free taxi service for registered com- muters when there is an emergency or unexpected overtime. To qualify for GRH you must use an alternative mode of transportation such as carpooling vanpooling biking riding the bus or walking at least twice a week. All participants must live and work in Pima County. Sign up for GRH when you register with Sun Rideshare.Once registered you can print a taxi voucher as needed atsun- rideshare.orgridepro.Each registrant can use up to four vouchers every 12 months. This service can only be used for transportation to home from work. For more information and to register visit or call 884-RIDE7433. B iking walking and taking transit are inherently reward- ingyou save money improve your health and reduce carbon emis- sions Sun Rideshare offers additional rewards for Tucsonans who travel car-free. The Sun Rideshare Rewards Pro- gram works like a frequent flyer pro- gram You earn one point for each trip you take by bike on foot on transit or even in a carpool. Bike to work and youll earn one point. Walk to the mar- ket and youll earn another point. Earn enough points each month and youll qualify for monthly drawings for cash prizes. Last year almost 1000 people recorded approximately 165000 trips as part of the program. Together they eliminated over one million pounds of greenhouse gases To participate in the program reg- ister at sunrideshare.orgridepro and log your trips with the simple-to-use Travel Calendar. The system tracks all of your trips and tells you how much pollution you eliminated and how much money you saved. Sign up today Guaranteed Ride Home Program