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BikeLife Tucson 31BikeLife Tucson CargoBikeLife Carry a world of things with a cargo-style bike H ave you been thinking about using your bike for a quick errand Or commuting to work Or going to your friends house for a potluck brunch But wait How will you carry the groceries Where will your briefcase or purse go Where will you put the quiche The answer Turn your bike into a cargo bike. ADD A CARGO RACK. A rack attaches to the frame of your bike over the front or rear wheel. Then you can attach panniers or saddle bags to make carrying your stuff easy. Some folks even attach buckets instead of bags. Prices range from about 20 to 200. Not all bikes have the necessary attachments for racks so ask your local bike shop to help you determine what will work for you. HITCH ON A CARGO TRAILER. Cargo trailers attach to the back of your bike and often come with a quick-re- lease coupler so they can be connected or disconnected in seconds. A trailer takes the strain off your bike and keeps your cargo low for good stability. Prices range from 100 to 1000. Depending on your needs a child trailer can also work check out Craigslist or secondhand stores for less-ex- pensive used trailers. Youcanalsoinvestina full-oncargobike.Thereare twotypes Longtail Cargo Bikes carry cargo over the rear wheel. The most typical configuration includes a rack that supports a deck with large bags or pockets on each side. Most longtail cargo bikes can carry four grocery bags in their pockets and items can also be securely tied to the deck. Prices start at around 500 for a complete conversion kit for an existing mountain or road bike. For a fully built bike expect to spend between 1000-3000. Popular brands include Xtracycle Yuba and Kona. Also known as a Bakfiet or a box bike a Long John is the most heavy-duty option its versatility and capac- ity make it a true car replacement. It features a large platform with a cargo box between the rider and the front wheel so you dont need tie-downs or any special equipment to carry your stuffjust drop it in the box. Prices start at around 3500 for a basic model.