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BikeLife Tucson 7 Boosters for Biking Banner BikeLife Tucson Welcome 5 TIPS for commuting by bike These tips come courtesy of Duncan Benning owner of Transit Cycles. 1. Plan and practice your route use Google or a good old-fashioned paper map like the centerfold of this magazine to plan the best way to get where you are going. 2. Find a buddy Riding with friends is almost always better than riding alone. 3. Communicate with your fellow road users. Let other cyclists know when you are passing them with a friendly alert. And in general let people cyclists pedestrians and motorists know what you are doing by telling them or using hand signals. 4. Carry stuff. You can add a basket for less than 30 and you can add a rack and rear bag called a pannier for less than 80. 5. Have a good time. This should be number one. Riding a bike be it for fitness or utility should usually put a smile on your face. A t Banner Health were excited about our recent move into Tucson. Were proud to be joining such a bike-friendly commu- nity that features a great network of bike routes events for riders of all ages and abilities and an ideal natural environment for outdoor activities and healthy living choices year-round. As a leader in health care clinical research and medical education supporting active lifestyles is a natural fit for Banner. Whether youre looking to get in shape explore your surroundings or just make the morning commute bicycling is a great option in Tucson. Active transportation benefits everyone by improving health reducing air pollu- tion and cutting traffic congestion. Because of our commitment to the health and well-being of this community Banner Health is proud to be a sponsor of Cyclovia Tuc- son. Cyclovia closes streets to cars and opens them to cyclists walkers joggers skaters and any other type of non-motorized transportation. This fun family-friendly event draws 50000 people a year to experience activities entertainment food and culture not to mention the joy of getting outside and going for a ride with your community. We hope youll join us for the next Cyclovia Tucson on November 1 the route map and more information can be found on pages 1011. This edition of BikeLife Tucson is full of resources to help you explore what this com- munity has to offer. You can learn about great local hikes that you can ride your bike to tips for carrying groceries and other cargo great leisure rides around the region ideas and resources for businesses that want to become more bike-friendly an updated Tuc- son bike map to help you find the best way to get around and much more. At Banner were dedicated to helping everyone lead a healthy active lifestyle and hopping on a bike is a great way to start Sincerely Tom Dickson CEO BannerUniversity Medical Center Tucson and South