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BikeLife Tucson 9 Meet locals who like to travel on two wheels SARAH MEGGISON 31 Land Planner at the WLB Group Why do you like to ride I like to ride bikes because it makes me feel free. When I am on a bike it seems as though all my worries go away. What do you like about riding in Tucson I love the bike culture in Tucson. Whenever I am on my bike I see at least 10 other people on their bikes and that always makes me feel comfortable and excited. I bike Tucson JOHN NEWMAN 71 Retired House Painter Why do you ride Its so peaceful compared to being in a car. Its free exercise and you can ride at your own rate and ability. These days I very sel- dom start my car. Its the best of all worlds in my mind. Tell us about your recumbent bike. I ended up with some problems in my back so a recumbent is much better for me. I put on an electronic assist so when I think that I dont really want to ride that day I can just dial up the electric assist and it makes it so easy to ride. LOUIS AND ADELIE FIDEL Biking Family Why do you ride We ride because its much more fun to be on a bike than in a car. We commute by bike from our home in midtown to work in down- town Tucson stopping at Adelies preschool on the way. We love that she looks forward to putting on her bike helmet tying her bun- ny onto her seat strap and riding every day. What do you like about riding in Tucson Its easy to get around. Almost everything you need is within biking distance and most of the year the weather is pleasant.