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TRADITION Since the early 1990s Tucsonans have participated in a re- gion-wide celebration of the bicycle in some form or another. Its part of our culture We have a community that consistently ranks in the top 10 best places to bicycle we should designate one month to recognize and celebrate our accomplishments. COMMUNITY The weather is glo- rious in April and thats when we see peak numbers of people riding bicycles. Its exciting to be a part of a community-wide celebration. Ring- ing your bell at other bicycles during your ride feels extra special during Bike Fest Month. Plus it gives peo- ple who are thinking about bicycling a little extra incentive to get out there and give it a go FUN Lets face it seeing all of the wild and creative ideas for bike rides all in one place is FUN The Bike Fest Month calendar gives you the excitement of choosing between so many different rides. You never know whom you will meet or what new route you will learn that will open up an entirely new part of the region to you. Last year marked the biggest Bike Fest in Tucsons history. With more than 75 events scheduled throughout April and covering every corner of the region it was impossible to attend them all. More than 20 local businesses participated in Bike Fest by offering special deals discounts and happy-hour gatherings to celebrate people on bikes. The 2-mile commuter challenge saw 194 individuals representing 57 different organizations log over 20000 miles in one month Last year was the first year that organizations could challenge each other and compete for bragging rights as the workplace substituting the most individual car trips with bicycle trips. Watershed Management Group took home top honors last year 12 out of 16 employees collectively logged 448 trips by bicycle Bike-in movies group rides happy hours and so much more... BikeFestwillreturnthis April with more reasons than ever to ride The month of celebrations is brought to you by the Living Streets Alliance. Be sure to visit throughout the month for all the details on where you can find bike-in movies group rides happy hours and deals and discounts from local businesses. Start spreading the word now to your friends and co-workers Encourage them to participate in the 2-mile commuter challenge and the workplace commuter challenge. Join the fun of a little friendly competition in the Tucson area. L ets be honest every month in Tucson is a phenomenal month for bike riding even in July and August biking is a delight in the early morning So why do we set aside only one month per year to celebrate bicycling L 12 BikeLife Tucson Tucson Bike Fest Tucson JointheFun APRIL 2016