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Areyouunsurehowtousethesesignals Herearehelpfultipsregardingthesecrossingswhetheryourebikingwalkingordrivingacar. AS A BICYCLIST To begin press the push-button to activate the signal. Many signals will have a push-button that you can reach while seated on your bike at others dismount and walk onto the sidewalk to press the button. Wait until all cross-traffic has stopped and you have the signal to cross. If you are using a TOUCAN you can cross when you see a green bike light up at a BikeHAWK you may cross with the pedestrian signal. Ride through the intersection always watching traffic AS A PEDESTRIAN Press the push-button to activate the signal. Wait until all cross-traffic has stopped and you see a WALK light. The flashing orange hand and a countdown tell you how much longer you have to cross. Dont cross if you see a solid orange hand. AS A MOTORIST When traveling on a major street you may encounter these bicyclist- and pe- destrian-activated signals at intersections with minor roads. You can continue along the major road if the signal is completely dark all lights off. If a bicyclist or pedestrian activates a HAWK signal you will first see a warning flashing YELLOW light followed by a solid YELLOW then a RED light. At a TOUCAN you will see a traffic light that changes from the GREEN to YELLOW to RED. As with all stoplights a solid RED signal means STOP. HAWK signals change from a solid RED beacon to flashing RED. A flashing RED light should be treated like a STOP sign. At a flashing RED light come to a complete stop and once bicyclists or pedestrians are across the intersection and it is safe to proceed you may continue through the intersection. 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 Get more information about Tucsons efforts to make its streets safer for everyone at www.tucsonaz.govbicycle 34 BikeLife Tucson