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6 BikeLife Tucson Meet locals who like to travel on two wheels CHARLES IGLEHART 37 Engineer at Raytheon Why do you like to ride Its the perfect form of transportation - it costs nothing its great exercise and its fun I work in a windowless office every day so its a fan- tastic way to get some fresh air and sunshine. Tucson showcases a rare blend of urban and natural scenery that make biking a treat. Also the weathers almost always favorable for riding. Where in Tucson do you like to go riding Around U of A campus downtown any large hill that makes my lungs feel like theyre about to explode by the time I get to the top. What advice do you have for others Get a helmet and a bike map and get out there Also get yourself some heavy-duty inner tubes so you wont be changing a flat every month. I bike Tucson KATHRYN SISTERMAN 34 Nurse Practitioner in Cardiology at the Sarver Heart Center Why do you ride I encourage patients to exercise every day - commuting with my bike ensures that I practice what I preach. Kathryn even biked throughout her recent pregnancy My ob- stetrician encouraged me to ride my bike to work as long as I wanted - which ended up being around the eighth month of pregnan- cy. Biking was the only aerobic exercise that felt good with my big tummy. What do you like about riding in Tucson The best part of biking in the mornings is watching the cute little elementary school commuters bike to school and the morning ride wakes me up better than coffee. The best part about biking in the evenings is smelling the fragrant orange blossoms and watching the sky change colors as the sun sets. It helps me mellow out at the end of the day. BILL BEMIS 68 Retired Social Worker Why do you ride From the time my father helped me mount my first bike a brand new shiny red and white Montgomery Ward one-speed I was off down the street feeling a new sense of freedom. I ride today for that same sense of liberation - from my automobile above all but also from the physical passivity of driving. Riding is a sensual activity you feel your body working the bumps in the road the wind the cold or the warmth of the sun the sights and sounds and smells. And all the while youre not burning gas not wearing out an engine not poisoning the air. What do you like about riding in Tucson I like riding the Loop cruising neighborhoods downtown and in the Foothills. Riding is a way to know Tucson more intimately. It gets us closer to how life was experienced before the automobile when the slower pace allowed one to notice the sights and sensations that greater speeds prohibit.