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BikeLife Tucson 7 I ts good to be back in Tucson. After spend- ing over 20 years away I am thrilled to re- turn to this beautiful and unique city with its revitalized downtown thriving local busi- nesses and bold plans for the future. The peo- ple of Tucson continue to impress me with their passion and dedication for making this city a better place through shared cultural experienc- es a vibrant arts community and local advocacy groups working to make Tucson safer healthier and more sustainable. I am especially impressed by how bike friendly Tucson is and by the peo- ple who continue to make it even better. This edition of BikeLife includes an article about how the City of Tucson is a national leader in bicycle and pedestrian safety en- hancements. Youll also find a map and information on the April 10th Cyclovia Tucson event that features a brand new route BikeLife Tucson continues to feature organi- zations like Living Streets Alliance BICAS and in this edition El Grupo who all work to put safe and healthy transportation choices within reach of more Tucsonans. The cooperation of individual volunteers advocates nonprofits businesses and govern- ment has allowed cycling in Tucson to grow and flourish but there is still progress to be made. Active transportation options and good urban design are more than just nice ame- nities they improve health and quality of life and they are increasingly important in attracting employers and talent to our city. The vision for a prosperous Tucson includes more people choosing to commute by bike more children bicycling to school and more healthy recreation options. To achieve this we plan to build upon Tucsons extensive network of bike facilities and implement a public bike share program to improve mobility in the citys urban core. I look forward to supporting Tucsons ongoing efforts to become a world class cycling city for people of all ages and abilities. Whether youre a lifelong cyclist or just getting started there is plenty here to get you excited about riding in Tucson. Sincerely Michael J. Ortega P.E. Tucson City Manager Greetings from BikeLifeTucson Welcome One of only Gold-Level Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the US Tucson continues to improve its bicycle infrastructure. One of the TOP10bike towns in the U.S. Outside magazine 1000 MILES of dedicated bikeways 50000 PEOPLE attend the citys annual Cycloviaevents 21 TUCSON at-a-glance