BikeDenver Launches Bicycle Ambassador Program

Learn the Many Ways You can Strengthen Your Community on Two Wheels.

BikeDenver wants to transform bicycling in Denver. Their new local bicycle ambassador program aims to train people who are passionate about bikes how to effectively organize, educate and build their communities to advocate for better policies, infrastructure and a safer bike network in our city. The goal of the program is to show people how great biking in Denver is, and get more people to choose bike trips over car trips for daily commutes.

The bicycle ambassador program will build upon BikeDenver’s existing bike education program in the Baker and Five Points neighborhoods. “As more residents of Denver choose non-driving options, we improve our health and build the character of the city,” says Mark Chapman, BikeDenver Board President.


Ambassadors will take a leading role in educating, engaging, and activating neighbors as advocates for bicycling in Denver. Bicycle Ambassadors will help their neighbors learn how to ride, purchase and maintain bikes, how to use the different types of bike facilities in Denver, and host rides that showcase how riding a bike for an everyday trip can be easier than driving.

According to Carina Gaz, BikeDenver’s community engagement manager, “If you like to bike and believe that it is a tool for building your neighborhood community – you’re already a bicycle ambassador! The Bicycle Ambassador program aims to equip you with more tools and some training so that you can encourage others to ride.”