BVSD Safe Routes to School

BVSD Safe Routes to School

More Walking and Bicycling to School!

The Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) aims to motivate students, their parents and even teachers to walk, bike, bus and otherwise choose alternatives to the family car to get to school and around town. In coordination with the City of Boulder, the BVSD Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program hopes to achieve the dual goal of reducing auto-dependency and boosting healthy lifestyles with an eye on safety through a host of services and activities.

BVSD Safe Routes to School

This plan implements the 6 E’s:

ENCOURAGEMENT In addition to the BVSD Trip Tracker program (see page 10), big-tent events such as Walk to School Day (Oct. 5, 2016) and BVSD Bike Week (April 17-21, 2017) invite participation of students, parents and teachers.

EDUCATION BVSD Bike Ed, through its BLAST (4th-5th grades) and Bikeology (6-7th grades) courses, delivers on-bike, real-world, vehicular-cycling training with an admittedly ambitious aspiration of developing the next generation of capable cyclists.

ENGINEERING Facility improvements to make walking, cycling and busing accessible and convenient are being achieved with the leadership of the City of Boulder and the BVSD Bond Program. Examples include building safe pathways to school and installing better bike parking at schools.

ENFORCEMENT Coordination with municipal police departments such as the City of Lafayette’s bike patrol to hand out “reminders” about safety and respect for the rules of the road is a key element of Safe Routes to School efforts.

BVSD Safe Routes to School

EVALUATION In order to see how we’re doing, we conduct regular surveys of student travel behavior and parental opinions about health and safety.

EQUITY This provides integrated, safe and convenient transportation choices for all students regardless of age, ability or mode of travel to promote health and safety, and to build stronger communities.

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