Cargo Bike Life with Xtracycle

The Xtracycle Edgerunner

The Xtracycle Edgerunner

There are so many uses for an Xtracycle. This versatile cargo bike lets riders be ready for anything. You can carry a Christmas tree or pick up groceries. You can even carry your kids–different accessories let you carry kids of different ages. What a great way to commute to and from school!

Founder Ross Evans came up with the idea for Xtracycle while a student at Stanford University and managing a “Bikes Not Bombs” project in Nicaragua, where having a bicycle enhances a person’s employment opportunities. An Xtracycle is a great replacement to a car for many people. And an easy way to get around for in-town errands and trips.

For the holiday season, Xtracycle has launched a fun promotion: buy an Edgerunner Xtracycle and get $225 of FREE accessories like a child seat or sidecar. The special runs until December 19. Head to this LINK to learn more. And join the cargo bike lifestyle!

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