Denver’s Ruby Hill Bike Park – Now Open!

This version reflects a corrected version from our print publication that misidentified a Walton Family Foundation construction grant as a gift.

Thrilling Rides and Challenges Await.

The Ruby Hill bike park is now open! This exciting new 7.5-acre Denver Park is a great place to ride dirt in Denver. The park features a slopestyle course, dirt jumps, pump tracks, a skills course, and a 1.7-mile multi-use loop trail around the perimeter of Ruby Hill Park. The slopestyle course and dirt jumps feature a range of difficulties, from begin- ner to advanced, and there is a special expert slopestyle line that will challenge and entertain even you pros! Two pump tracks will entertain all abilities – from small children with pedal-less bicycles to seasoned adult mountain bike riders. The skills course will let beginner and intermediate riders test their riding skills on a variety of features designed to improve balance and bike handling. The 1.7-mile natural surface loop trail is suitable for hiking, mountain biking, and trail running. The bike park is designed to entertain and challenge visitors of all ages and abilities. Come bring your family and friends.

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) owes an enormous thank you to the Walton Family Foundation, whose awarded a construction grant of $500,000 to fund this project possible. DPR is also deeply indebted to the volunteers who keep park facilities attractive and in excellent condition, and we look forward to more generous volunteer contribution to come with the Ruby Hill bike park.

In the coming months and years, DPR will be conducting various volunteer projects to build new ‘gateway’ bike skills features along the loop trail. And watch for new opportunities in the years to come.

Keep it safe, keep it fun. Here’s what you need to know:

One of the easiest ways to contribute to keeping this new facility safe and enjoyable for everyone is self-regulation by the bike community. Although DPR staff will do their best to inform the community about riding etiquette, it is tremendously helpful when more experienced riders help educate new riders and set good examples to follow. A few helpful tips on how riders can police one another:

  1. Avoid riding while trails are still wet. Riding on wet and muddy trails can significantly damage the surface of the dirt trails
    and features.
  2. All riders should encourage each other to ride safely and respectfully. Riders who take unnecessary risks, engage in unsafe behavior, or ride too aggressively endanger themselves and others.
  3. Protect our park. Riding off trails, damaging trees, littering, graffiti or vandalism, and harassing wildlife should be strongly discouraged by everyone who enjoys any of Denver’s public parks.
  4. The bike park will be open from sunrise to sunset daily, every day of the year, and will only close due to weather, poor trail conditions, or maintenance needs.

More information about Denver’s bike parks and current trail conditions can be found at