A Golden Gift

goldgenie, gold bike, giant

goldgenie, gold bike, giantGold. It’s probably the most valuable element out there. People around the world have coveted it for thousands of years, constructing statues, crowns, jewelry, furniture… you name it, and it’s been made from gold.

Enter the bike… and Goldgenie. Makers of luxury personalized gifts in 24-karat gold, Goldgenie has added a 24K Gold Racing Bike to its collection. The company was recently featured on “Dragon’s Den,” the U.K. version of “Shark Tank” for new entrepreneurs.

Two mechanics at a Giant Bicycle Store in Bromley, U.K. helped build the bike. According to an article on News Shopper, the mechanics set about stripping down a standard Giant Defy model bike to its bare bones. They then labeled and wrapped each component before sending them to Goldgenie’s team of artisans for gold plating.

Once components were coated in 24K gold, the shop reassembled the bike. The article shares that putting the gold parts back together was tricky; it took the team about half a day to reassemble the brakes, but they got the bike back together.

The result is a golden masterpiece that will be adorned with diamonds. The price tag? Uh, about $390,000.

Goldgenie will also plate smartphones including iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy. If you’re feeling, shall we say, generous, in your holiday gift giving, check it all out at their website.