Review: Showers Pass Storm Jacket

Correction: an earlier version of this article identified the Storm jacket as the Classic, and misquoted it’s price as $289.

Perhaps the ultimate commuter rain jacket.

For the folks at Showers Pass, rain has always been their top concern. Based in infamously rainy Portland, OR, Showers Pass has long focused on making waterproof gear that caters to bicycling commuters and enthusiasts alike.

So, with that sort of background, it may come as no surprise that their Storm Jacket is totally on the money. Designed without frills, the jacket is made of 2.5 Layer Artex waterproof-breathable fabric, and it holds up. The 2.5 Layer Artex survives even a deluge of precipitation but allows for a surprising amount of breathability that lets you leave it on even after the rain lifts and the humidity can often be suffocating.

Showers Pass Storm Jacket

And with commuters in mind, the jacket also features reflective sleeve strips and a super low cut back flap that serves as a fender of sorts, keeping spray and mud off your clothes.

We tested the Storm with rigor and it held up nicely. I stood with it on in the shower for 10 minutes and the water beaded the entire time. We even created a pool of water in the jacket and left it on top of paper towels as a test. After a half hour, the paper towels were still bone dry, prompting us to posture that you could even eat a bowl of cereal out of this jacket (although we did not test how it held up against milk and Honey Nut Cheerios – next time).

Against wind as well, the Storm serves beautifully. We tested it out by riding over Rollins Pass from Nederland, CO to Winter Park. Although we had a perfectly blue sky day (no complaints, just not ideal for testing a rain jacket), the wind at 11,600 ft was howling. I pulled the Storm on and it was sturdy enough to withstand all the wind (as you would expect) but also breathable enough to ventilate my body despite the fact that I was climbing over a pass at altitude, truly impressive.


Perhaps the Storm’s biggest weakness is that it lacks a hood entirely. As mentioned, it is designed for bike commuters, and thus the hood was likely left out on the assumption that a helmet and other head coverings would be worn with this coat. However, versatility is always a plus, and it’s always nice to be able to use a rain coat in any situation.

The jacket also comes with a stuff sack that packs down to about the size of a short beer bottle, allowing it to be easily stashed in a jersey pocket for longer rides. The only downside, the jacket doesn’t have any pockets, so good luck keeping track of the stuff sack when not in use.

Showers Pass Storm Jacket

The Wrap

Best-Use: Rainy bike commutes. The Storm seems almost invincible against water, and the reflector strips provide visibility to cyclists riding in difficult visibilities.

For longer rides that have high weather risks. Strong against the wind and packs small.

Price: $89

Grade: 9/10 (lack of a hood is the only thing keeping it from a 10)

Final Thoughts: If you live in a rainy place, but you love riding to work, this is your jacket, no questions. And for recreational riders who need something to protect them more than their spandex, this can easily be included in a jersey pocket or saddle bag.