Riding at the University of Arizona

University of Arizona Bike

How the Tucson campus is making life easier on two wheels for students and public alike

At University of Arizona, we like bikes. Cycling is healthy, sustainable and fun. So on campus, we offer several bike-related services to support alternative transportation for all of Tucson, not just students.

What is it?
Register your bike like you register a car. You will need to know your bike’s make, model and serial number. Parking & Transportation Sevices will mail you your bike registration sticker to put on your bike. You can register here.

Why should I register my bike?
If stolen, registered bikes are more likely to be recovered by Tucson Police Department. Registered bikes also have access to other great bike services – whether you are a student, employee or visitor at UA.

Who can register their bikes?
Anyone! Even if you never step foot on campus.

How much does it cost?
Free! Register ALL of your bikes.

University of Arizona Bike Station

A volunteer repairs a wheel at one of the U of A campus bike stations, which provide free or discounted maintenance and support for riders

What is it?
Just check-in and go! No need to bring a lock or find space on a rack. The free bike valet
is located on the southwest corner of the campus mall in front of the Nugent Building. Drop your bike with a friendly bike valet attendant, and pick up a key tag. Your bicycle will be monitored until you return and trade in your key tag for your bike. That’s all!

When is it open?
Monday through Friday, from 8am to 6pm during the school year.

Who can use it?
Anyone! Visitors included.

Anything else I should know?
Make sure you have registered your bike beforehand, or register on-site with a smart-phone and help from a friendly bike valet.

Biking is great, but it is rarely the only way people get around. If you rode to campus
but need to get across town, try the Zipcar carsharing service. If you ride around campus but live further away, find a UA carpooling buddy on Zimride or buy a transit pass for half price (PTS subsidizes 50% of the cost of the semester and annual transit passes).