Rock The Park with G-Form Protective Technology

Owen Cook at Valmont Bike Park, Boulder, COWith the recent explosion of new bike parks, pump-tracks and bike trails close to neighborhoods, kids and adults of all ages are flocking to get out and play in the dirt.  It’s all clean fun until someone goes down and comes home with a nasty scrape, gash or worse. Helmets, of course, cover the noggin, but elbows, shins and knees seem to take the brunt of the impacts.

G-Form, a company based in Rhode Island, has come up with a comfortable, innovative and affordable alternative to getting stitches in the emergency rooIMG_0023m.  G-Form was founded by athletes and scientists that shared in a common vision of using advanced polymer technology to revolutionize impact protection and vibration dampening for competition and active sports like mountain biking, soccer, snowsports and skateboarding.The founding team included expertise in a wide variety of sports, but perhaps more importantly expertise in polymer chemistry, 3d design, mold making and innovation.

The result is an innovative product line of comfortable protective pads that are flexible, soft and pliable when
worn but the unique polymer within each pad stiffens on impact to dissipate the energy of the fall. Sizes range from youth to adult, covering critical body parts like knees, elbows, shins.  Full sports garments like jerseys and pants provide a greater range of protection.G-Form Pro X Knee

Based on our BikeLife test at Valmont Bike Park, the youth involved (ages 8-12) and the adults gave a resounding thumbs up for the G-form Pro X knee and elbow pads’ comfort, lightweight and breathability. Comfort is critical–if the pads aren’t comfortable they’ll get left behind. Another plus, after a day of fun, sweat and dirt, just throw them in the washing machine and line dry. G-Form pads are available at retailers nation-wide or at their on-line store.


G-Form Pro X Elbow