Safe and Savvy Kids

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Getting to School on Foot & Wheels

The national Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program aims to motivate students to walk and bike to and from school with safety and awareness in mind. This spring, the Cambridge SRTS program is targeting second and sixth grade students in Cambridge Public Schools to achieve just that.

Second graders will learn the importance of safe walking and the basic elements of infrastructure that make our community walkable. Students will practice crossing streets and intersections and will learn how to safely navigate parking lots. A final bicycle education lesson will explain the rules of the road, proper helmet fit, appropriate bicycling clothing, and basic bike maintenance tips.

Safe Routes to School

The sixth graders will learn on-the-bike skills necessary to safely ride on Cambridge streets. Students will be taught how to ride on roads with or without bike lanes, safely ride along with motor vehicle traffic, ride away from car doors, make turns, follow the rules, and handle potholes or other unexpected items on the street. Students will also receive written homework regarding bike safety and the rules of the road. This training culminates in a group ride on city streets to demonstrate and practice the cycling skills they learned.

Both trainings will be offered to all Cambridge Public Schools through physical education classes over the 2016-2017and 2017-2018 school year.