Share the Paths, Share the Love

Multi-Use Path Networks Bring Miles of Smiles

Can you imagine Boulder without its 60-plus miles of multi-use paths? And yet, for those who have been here less than three generations, these paths are a given. They are the backdrop of what makes Boulder, well, Boulder!

The story of Boulder’s Shared Paths begins with the Boulder City Improvement Association. It brought famed landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmstead to Boulder in 1908 to devise a plan for the fast-growing mining town corporation as it hurtled toward “becoming a city.” Rumor holds that Olmstead explored the city by bike, making drawings and capturing a vision of a city that was fed by multiple mountain streams. He believed the area should be kept as natural as possible when planning for central commerce and neighborhoods.

And today, these Shared Paths of Boulder are blooming and beautiful. The paths lead commuters to school, work or a little coffee- shop-head-space, and allow families to walk with strollers and dogs and head to their neighborhood park, all while enjoying a quick shoreline adventure as they go. They are where citizens of all sizes, shapes and age enjoy a brisk walk and spy red-tail hawks, paddling ducks and tree-branch-filtered light on the creek.

For those of you who have not visited our shared paths recently, please join us! We are Shared Paths Boulder, a group of neighbors, bicyclists, artists and on-the-ground alt-transit folk who want Boulder residents and guests to celebrate and delight in this world-class community path system.

We are volunteer stewards in purple vests practicing “The Way of the Path” to support safety for bikers and walkers. We are pop-up events accessible by path, providing fun destinations and opportunities for new discoveries and community connections. We believe that sharing a commute or a walk on the paths makes us all healthier. The paths enliven the space in which we encounter our community and build our shared appreciation and attention to the natural beauty that the greenways and off-street corridors provide.