The Bike That’s a Phone

phone bike

LeEco, a Chinese tech startup has been making waves for their portfolio of over the top products offering a new level of online connectivity.

Enter Le Syvrac, LeEco’s brand new phone-bike. And when we say phone-bike, we mean it. Going far beyond other efforts at bike and phone integration, Le Syvrac boasts the most robust set of features yet seen on the market, starting with the phone that is built into the handlebar stem. The phone runs on an Android operating system and is complete with a 4-inch display, and 4 GB of memory.

The handlebars feature volume controls (for the speakers, which can play music off the phone), heartbeat sensors in the grips, and even turn signals.

Beyond turn signals, Le Syvrac’s other safety features include front and rear lights that turn themselves on (based on a light sensor in the phone) and laser beams to clearly demarcate a safe distance for others to pass, along with a front-mounted camera to record any potential hazardous incidents. It also boasts a locking system that locks the bike down entirely, as well as an alarm in the event of an attempted theft.

Of course, Le Syvrac has all the things we’ve come to expect from high-end bike computers, like ride tracking data, heartbeat monitoring, and a smartphone app that allows you to download all this data.

Le Syvrac is already being sold in China, priced anywhere from $800 to $6,000 for an all-carbon frame. According to Digital Trends, Le Syvrac will be sold in the U.S. later this year.

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