What’s Happening on Boulder’s Streets

Canyon Complete Street Study

Planning For Boulder’s Future.

As Boulder grows, traffic patterns and what people experience as they walk, bike and drive continue to evolve and change. Featured below are two important areas in town that are undergoing extensive evaluation to plan for the future and people’s transportation needs.

Canyon Boulevard Complete Streets Study

From 9th to 17th streets, Canyon Boulevard serves as the gateway into the heart of Boulder. Funneling traffic coming down from the Foothills, the stretch connects Downtown, Civic Area Park and University Hill. And of all of Boulder’s parts, perhaps downtown is the most critical host of all types of people on the move. From pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, bus riders – and sometimes even a skier or two – West Canyon Boulevard must serve everyone. With this in mind, the city is down to a blend of two options (of an original 10) for how to redesign the new Complete Street along Canyon from 9th to 17th streets. Preliminary engineering and cost estimation will follow.

30th and Colorado Corridor Study

Bracketed by Foothills Parkway to the east and 28th Street to the west, 30th Street often goes overlooked. But as Boulder continues to grow (especially eastward), 30th Street is more important than ever, and change is on the way. City planners have been studying the busiest sections of 30th Street since 2014. From Baseline (Williams Village) to Boulder Junction (Pearl Street), and along Colorado Avenue from the University of Colorado’s East Campus (at Foothills Parkway) to Main Campus (Broadway) plans are being hatched to give both 30th Street and Colorado Avenue some new polish.